Monday, October 15, 2012

Black Swan 2 Year Anniversary

Congratulations to Black Swan Brewpub, who just celebrated their two year anniversary. Way to help make Central Indiana a great place for beer!

They made three beers to celebrate their anniversary, and they were great.

They had the 2011 Roggenwein, the BackBone Barrel Imperial Brown Rye, and the BackBone Barrel Oatmeal Stout.

They were all outstanding beers, but sadly I couldn't take them home because they had too high an abv.

The Oatmeal Stout had a great barrel aged flavor with a nice oakiness and whiskey flavor. The Imperial Brown Rye was malty and sweet. It had a hyped up flavor that I could not put down. The 2011 Roggenwein was also a malty and delicious barleywine. All three had great flavor. I recomend you go get a sample and try them all. (A sample of each is just $4; while available.)

I give the 2011 Roggenwein a 3.5

I give the Imperial Brown Rye a 4.5

I give the Oatmeal Stout a 4

Way to go Black Swan, and congratulations on two good years.

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