Friday, October 5, 2012

80 Schilling Scottish Ale

So after my post yesterday, I had to make sure I got down to Bier Brewery to grab a taste and a growler of the 80 Schilling Scottish Ale. This is one of my favorite styles of beer and I was not as in love with the 60 Schilling as I thought I would be.

This is Bier Brewery's 80 Schilling Scottish Ale. It had 14.8 IBUs and was 5.5% abv. I was expecting his guy to have a little bit of a higher abv than it did.

The 80 was a nice improvement over the 60 I just talked about. The beer had a rounder and more robust flavor with the complexity that the first one was missing. It poured more of a dark brown, molassesy color, instead of an almost black oily color of the 60. The head was thin and went away very quickly. 
It had a great malty start with a nice crisp hop finish. There were hints of caramel and hazelnuts throughout.  The hops at the end were the perfect closure to a nice rounded sweet beer. It still maintained the lightness on the tongue that the 60 schilling had, making it a super drinkable beer. This is one I could sit down and have the entire growler in a night, and in fact I am calling some buddies over to do just that. Since so much of what they do is limited release, I suggest that you make the drive down to Bier and pick one up before it is gone.
Great job by Bier, I give this one a 3.5

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