Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kook - ee

I am not a small man. I have been known to eat a cookie or two in  my day. When I found out that my friends at Sun King were trying to make a beer that tasted just like a cookie, I got excited.


Kook - ee is fantastic. This American Blonde Ale starts off with a nice auburn color. The head is a good looking off white that sits on the top of the beer just briefly before it dissolves into a ring around the glass. It has a sweet aroma, sort of like you would expect. I was a little disappointed it didn't actually smell like my wife backing cookies, but for a beer it was pretty darn close.As you can see, the ABV is 6% and it has 14 IBUs. (that is not many IBUs)

Shameless IU Plug, go Hoosiers!
The flavor was malty and sweet. It was a heavier beer than I expected for such a light colored Blonde. It had a very slight bitter finish at the end, but really nothing serious. It had a great drinkable flavor. I would have liked a little bit more complexity with a bit more hops (shocking) to balance out the sweetness, but all in if you take into consideration that it was named for sweetest tastiest treat I could have as a kid, its pretty good. By the way, not sure if there are any trade mark issues here, but love the poster.

I give it a solid 3, and yes I do want a cookie.

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