Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Creation: Trippelle
Style: Belgian Triple
Masterminds: Bier Brewery
Location: Indianapolis, IN
ABV: 8.6%
Availability: Limited
Drinkability: Definitely have a few, but I think the sweetness may interfere with more than that.

Served Cold: right out of the fridge chilled bullet with a bright yellow/gold color and pours with a medium head.

Mellow sweet apple floral nose.

The taste is light and fruity with notes of cinnamon, toffee, is that nutmeg I taste?

The finish is great!  Lingering dry and fizzy sweet, with a kiss of banana.  I am usually not a fan of bananas.  I blame that on my parents forced ingestion of the fruit as a kid every morning... but I really like this beer!

*Solid 3.5 heads

Post Mortum:
I have a confession to make...  I really stopped by Bier to grab a growler of the DFG.  The Trippelle was an afterthought, a really good afterthought, but an afterthought none-the-less.

I usually stop by Bier Brewery on my way home from work.  It is convenient to the point of being a sin.  I got alerted to another appearance of the DFG and of the Trippelle early in the week and was looking forward to it.

Like most Limited Releases by Bier it became available on a Saturday afternoon at 1pm when they first opened the doors.  If you find out about a limited release and stop by Bier, don't be that guy trying to open a locked door when you can clearly see that every other Tom, Dick and Harry are standing outside waiting.  Seriously, it's like context reading.  "Open up your ears and clean out your eyes..." -Beasty Boys  If you want to be that guy, don't be offended if you hear a quip from people like me.  Everyone has to get their shots in when blood is in the water...

I am glad that I got a chance to try this out.  It gave me a different take on a Triple.  The only other Belgian Triple I have had was Brugge Brassiere's Triple de Ripple.  Speaking of that, it is currently on tap as we speak/type at Brugge Brassiere.

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