Tuesday, October 9, 2012

500 Monks

So I have had some stuff from Triton Brewery at bars and festivals, but I had never made it out to Fort Benjamin Harrison to check them out. For this post I decided to make the drive.

When I got there it was totally warm and welcoming. I sat up at the bar with about five other drinkers and asked the guy next to me for a recommendation. He told me I had to try 500 Monks, so I did. I had it there, and liked it so much that I brought a bullet back for my wife and I to enjoy that evening.

This is a fresh pour at home

500 Monks is a barely wine produced by Triton. I like everything to be bigger, and this one is. It has jacked up alcohol and jacked up taste. The ABV was 9.5% and the IBUs were 29.

The beer was a dark amber color. It had a light head and a fruity malty scent. It had a strong malt start. Heavy caramel taste with a creamy feel and a hint of pear. It had a light hoppy finish that added to the complexity. It was a strong flavor that was totally in your face in all the right ways. It was full bodied but drinkable (again it should have been done in an 8 oz tulip or snifter glass, but I have no class). This is one to sit down and enjoy in front of a fire on a fall day or outside with a cigar.

Probably my favorite part of this was the aftermath. My lips had a sweet fruity taste for at least the next five minutes and that was outstanding. After trying a half pint of this at the tap room, I had to take a growler home for later. It stood up even days later as a great beer.
Great job Triton. I will be back. 

I give it a 4

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