Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Union Suit APA

Brugge is one of my favorite places to eat in Broadripple. I have been going there since well before I could drink, but my appreciation has grown since I started drinking

I went out with the Prof and my wife the other night and tried their Union Suit APA. Normally whenever I go to Brugge, I get one of their Belgian beers. I decided to try something I hadn't had from them before.

It poured out a nice orange color. It was a bit cloudy with a nice bright white head that persisted throughout my pint. It smelled overwhelmingly like citrus and pine. It had a tart flavor that continued from start to finish of this APA. There was a slight malt taste with caramel undertones in the middle, but it was quickly quieted down by another fist full of hops.

It finished with, you guessed it, a strong hoppy flavor. It reminded me of lemon zest. This give it a bitter aftertaste that lingered a little while after your last sip.

I am not always the best guy to go after some of these hoppy beers, but this one was lacking a lot of balance. It was an ok drink, but I probably wouldn't pick it over their some of their awesome Belgian beers.

I give it a 2

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