Monday, October 1, 2012

Dry Hopped APA

We had a great time doing the tour and checking into Schlafly Bottleworks. I heard that they made a great APA and so I decided to sit out on their great patio and give one a try. It did not disappoint. An APA is an American version of the European IPA. Normally made with American hops that tend to have more of the citrus or piney scents than their European cousins.

The Dry Hopped APA is 5.9% abv with 50 IBUs. This came out with a great looking clearish golden color with about a half inch of snow white head. (as you can see in this picture I am a bad blogger and did not take the picture before I started drinking)  The beer had some serious citrus and pine scents coming off of it and not surprisingly, that was the flavor that I got the most of. It was light and crisp. Good for a summer day. The finish was a little bit more bitter than I was looking for. Now I know this is an APA and a dry hopped one at that, but still too much hops can make me a sad sad man.
Good for something so hoppy, I give this a 2.5

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