Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oarsman Ale

Creation:  Oarsman Ale

Style: Weissbier, sour mash, wheat beer
Masterminds:  Bells Brewery, Inc.
Location:  Kalamazoo, MI
ABV: 4%
Drinkability:  Have you ever had a canoe beer that went bad?

I like sours, seriously...  Monks Flemish Style Sour Ale? Delicious!

Ok... now the incumbent...

Pours with a watery clouded pale yellow.  Reminds me of a really watered down wheat beer.  Oh wait...  Appears flat with limited head.  Not much carbonation.

Has a sharp tart/sour nose to it with wheat undertones.  

Slight tart forward with really mellow wheat and ever so slight lemon notes.

Finish is... unremarkable

O-Dawg:  1.5 heads

To be fair I brought this over to a friends house to watch Peyton Manning (big Bronco ex-Colt not little Giant) on his opening in this years 2012 NFL season.  Yes I support ex-Colts, even watched Green Bays opening game to watch Jeff Saturday get in a few snaps.  Skip had a few people over and he grilled out per usual during the start of the NFL season.  Note the brats in the foreground.  When popping the top off this treat I was expecting a complex sour, one that played the classic good cop bad cop with your senses.  You know what i am talking about!  Sour pungent nose that reeks of vinegar bitterness that gives way to a complex and robust sour ale that really is in shocking contrast to the smell.  This was none of these things.  I likened it to canoe beer for the shear lack of any taste.  The notes too subtle for my liking.  In the end didn't offer anything up to make this beer a treat that I have come to know and love from Bells.  I split it with Skip and I think I made him cry because he was expecting the same.  Pretty sure he cried himself to sleep, on his huge pillow.  Sorry Julie...

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