Thursday, October 25, 2012

Two Pull

Granite City's Two Pull is a blend of their Northern Light Lager (4.50% ABV) and their Brother Benedict's Bock (5.10% ABV).

It is a light amber color, with a thin, off-white head.  The head settles quickly, with no significant lacing.  The Two Pull is well balanced, with a sweet malty taste and a slight hoppy flavor.  It was very crisp, with nice carbonation and a light body.

I found the Two Pull to be a very drinkable beer.  The combination of the Northern Light Lager and the Brother Benedict's Bock is, surprisingly, better than the sum of its parts.  While not the flashiest or most flavorful beer I've had, this is a nice, easily drinkable that I'll be happy to sit down and have a pint (or, more likely, a 25oz mug since I'm a Mug Club member) of anytime.

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