Monday, October 8, 2012

The Scene: Triton Brewing Co.

Triton Brewing Company
5764 Wheeler Road Indianapolis, IN 46216
(317) 735-2706

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Triton Outside

First Impression:
An informal meeting place for friends, family and pets. Yes, I said pets! No food is prepared on premise so they aren't breaking any rules by letting you have your four legged friends in the tap room. They do have these superb soft pretzels made off site and brought in if you need something to snack on. Fool hearted or ingenious?! I lean on the ingenious.

From seasonals to the usual suspects, a variety of beers are on tap. My preference is the Rail Splitter IPA, Magnificent Amber, Dead Eye Stout, and the Official Beer of the Indiana ICE Sin-Bin Belgian Pale.

They are two blocks southeast from Fort Harrison State Park. My suggestion is take the family out for a leisurely weekend romp through the park and make a pit stop at the end over at the brew pub.

Triton snagged their brewing tanks at auction from one of my most beloved breweries when they closed their doors for good, Warbird. There is a little shrine in the back of Triton's bar for the now closed brewery.
Founder: Dave Holmes
Fort Wayne, IN
"We'll always remember your Shanty Irish"


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