Friday, December 21, 2012

The Scene: Twenty Tap

It took way to long for me to get my suburban derier down to Twenty Tap in the Broadripple area. I should be flogged in the streets because I did not know what I was missing.

When I walked in at 6 pm on a Friday, the place was packed. I put my name in for a table for two and then went into the bar. I never made it out of the bar area...

It took almost an hour before they called my name, but by that time a table had opened up in the bar and I had already finished my first two beers and an appetizer with the Professor. The atmosphere of the bar is fun and modern with enough traditional elements to make it very appealing in Indy. The menu is full of fun fusion foods. We started off with the fried cheese curds. They came with house infused aole. The curds were great, but I don't think anyone can mess up frying cheese. The aole was good, but could have had more flavor.The Professor had the mushroom Ruben. It was mushrooms with sauerkraut Swiss and thousand island. I had the Cuban sandwich and it was excellent. It was probably one of the best Cuban sandwiches I have had this far North.


They had a ton of local and craft beers. This is by far the best local beer menu that I have seen around town. The brews were from small town local breweries to large craft breweries. Everything was fresh and on tap. Beers were very well priced, more reasonable than I am used to for craft beer. I had 35k from Against the Grain Brewery, Diesel Oil Stout from Power House and the Preservation from Upland. It was fun having so many different options.

I give the food a 4 but the Professor may disagree

I give the beer line up a 5

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