Monday, December 31, 2012


I picked up this beer because I was heading to a friends Christmas / "we survived the end of the world party". Itzamna was named after the Mayan creator deity who lived up in the heavens looking down on his people. If anyone was going to come back for the Mayan apocalypse it was going to be this dude, so Sun King made sure of it.

Since I brought it to the party the first set of pictures are not great and in my faithful former friend, the solo cup. The beer was well sampled, but I kept most of it for myself. Itzamna is a schwarzbier and had 26 IBUs and an 8% abv. High booze, low hops is normally my kind of beer.

Itzamna poured out a dark brown with a tan to brown head. It smelled like coffee and chocolate with some smokey malt to it.

The beer was heavy on the sweetness and very light on the hops. Flavors were heavy on the chocolate and coffee with some nuttiness and a mild chili flavor at the end. Not as much chili as I was expecting but this did help spice the beer in an absence of a serious hop profile. The beer was thick and rich with a pretty heavy mouth feel. There wasn't much carbonation to break up the syrupy liquid. It had a pretty solid boozy finish, but it was not overwhelming with minimal aftertaste.

This would have been a solid beer to have if the world was truely at an end.

I give it a 4

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