Thursday, December 27, 2012

Beer Gear: WilliamsWarn Brewing Machine

I was at Bier Brewery the other day,  when I struck up a conversation with a delightful Aussie gentleman regarding new beer technologies.  These type of impromptu conversations  have been happening to me ever since I started toting around my BRĂ„ULER™ and Hydro Flask Growlers.  Must be my sparkling personality, that or people love to chat over a pint about the next big thing!

Ever since economic development planners got wind of the micro brewing market the winds of beer change have been blowing at gale force strength.   While overall beer sales are down, craft beer sales have jumped from 1% overall 2011 to 12% in just the first half of the 2012 year!

The Big Guy has been into home brewing for a little over a year now, thanks in part to a loving wife who got him his first brewing kit with  classes at Great Firmentations and in no large part to myself weening him off his High-Life addiction and turning him on to craft brews.  Long distance high-five to his Mrs. and Self High-five!  /evil cackle while petting hairless cat

Enter WilliamsWarn Brewing Machine

Ian Williams and Anders Warn have solved a problem faced by millions of brewers around the globe and produced the world's first personal brewing device

The process of brewing can take a variable amount of time, the average is 4 weeks.  The WilliamsWarn brewing machine takes this time table and shrinks it down to 1 week.

From their website:
"Homebrewers have a longer process because they all make flat beer that then needs to be carbonated. Breweries don't do this. Homebrew is different to large scale brewing in this respect...until now. With our system it’s more similar with respect to not taking any extra time to carbonate the beer. Why would you want to bottle beer and wait 6 weeks...?"

That is to say the WHOLE process.  Bottoms up in 1 week or less!

At a 5.6k price tag it's a little steep for the new brewer... but Bless my Soul it does sound sexy!

Merry Christmas to me?!

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