Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Scene: The Local Eatery and Pub

This place is right down the street from me, and it is probably my favorite week night spot for a beer. The Local Eatery and Pub provides great local, sustainable food from nearby farms and excellent beers from breweries in the Midwest. They strive to bring adventurous food to central Indiana with a home style twist.

I have held off doing a review of The Local because I do like it so much. My wife and I love grabbing a quick bite here on a Wednesday or Thursday night. The atmosphere is clean, modern and upscale. The restaurant is split in two, half for families etc, and the other half is the bar. The bar has plenty of TVs without being overwhelming. There are tons of spots at the bar as well as booths and high top tables.

My favorite thing about The Local is their seasonal menu. It changes regularly (normally every other time I am there) and it does a good job of representing the season. Even their standard menu does a good job of changing around, although I miss their goat burger that used to be on the regular menu. This weekend I had a salad, and their rabbit pot pie. The pot pie was outstanding and something that you aren't going to find most places.

Their beer selection is strong. They always have two or three selections from Sun King and other local breweries. They also do a good job of bringing in some solid beers from Michigan and other parts of the Midwest. I also enjoy the fact that all of their beers come in a mason jar. If you or your significant other is not into beers, they do a bunch of great custom cocktails and they have a solid wine list. Really there is something here for anyone looking to quench their thirst.

I give the food a 5

I give the drinks a 4

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