Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Scene: AMBERgeddon!!!

1st:  the RAM - "Buttface Amber"
2nd: Half Moon - Nameless entry

My Favorites of the Event
Flat 12 [who doesn't love a little Joe in their Beer?!]
3Wisemen [This shocked me... Seriously!]  

Shameless I know... Go to their website! 

TheBigGuys card.  
He was looking off of the Professor!

And I got Photo bombed... 

 "Welcome to Mid-EVIL TIMES!"

 That's Right... TheBigGuy wants a slice too or 
did he already eat the other half of the pizza AND Spice Box?!

The Professor with a Chewbacca from 
Der Pretzel Wagon!  Get the Vader TOO! 

Shots are on me! 

Featuring the elusive photo guy, O-Dawg!
I finally know what Michelle was talking about all those years ago...  

JOE!  Being bitter... as usual...   

The Crew! Plus 2 minus 1! 


I dub him SIR Noodle... 
The boy can double pour with the best of em! 



Ducks go Quack! 

The molecular structure of this fluid seems to be too volatile to... nope its beer.

Der Pretzel Wagon! 

People!  Not the Brewery... /sadface 

"Which should I vote for?" 


1st:  the RAM - "Buttface Amber"

1 comment:

  1. Thanks to Nick and Justin for rolling out with us and providing extra entertainment.

    My personal favorites were Flat 12 and Half Moon (which was cool because I hadn't had anything from them before). Good Job to everyone the beer was fantastic.