Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Beer Gear: Hydroflask

Hydro Flask

Similar to the food grade steel of The BRÄULER™, but not as modular... The catch? Keeps anything hot for 12hrs. or cold for 24hrs.!

Take back your growlers! No more smashed glass growlers! No more good beer lost in transit!  Light?  Never going to see my beer!

So you are telling me that I can hit the Brewery up in the morning and keep my beer cold till I get home after work and/or from picking up the kids?!  Come one, come all!

You can checkout Hydro Flask's website direct or support your local Indiana Breweries and check out Bier Brewery to snag one!

My 2 Cents:
I have been using mine since I snagged one from Bier Brewery  earlier this year.  I must say it is kinda awesome if not downright temperature resistant!  I stacked it up against the The BRÄULER™ that  Streetcar Bistro and Taproomis is selling out of its taproom.  I think it is almost as good as the BRÄULER™.  I think the Hydro Flask excels at giving you the flexibility to pick up and enjoy your beer cold within 24hrs is a big plus for me.  It really excels when I am on the go and trying to fit in the end of the day beer run for that new limited release beer right after work, but not having the time to take it home before hitting the gym.  If you are like me in this respect, this is the growler to go with!

O-Dawg: 4.5 heads!

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