Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Eats'n Treats: Beer Flats

Beer Flats Crackers

So I am having a few friends over for a shindig/get together/party over the weekend.  What does a host and his beautiful hostess do to prep for the festivities?  Why go shopping for beer and eats of coarse!

A new Earth Fare natural food market opened up close to us that was begging for the cursory walk through.  It is something my wife and I do kind of like Sunday driving, walking the mall, etc.  No real agenda just out and about to see what is to be seen.  What wasn't found here would be purchased elsewhere.

After running the gauntlet that is the fresh produce section (seriously what is the idea of 90% of markets having this section first!?) and sampling the fairs being peddled by the kind old demo ladies we found these gems on an end cap in the back next to the cheese!

Porter or Pilsner are the flavors.  I took home the Porter style.  Delicious and durable are the words that are evoked when munching and crunching into these artisanal flatbread crackers.

Made with whole grains, butter, and of coarse craft BEER!  The cracker is dense like a potato chip or pita chip not airy like a Ritz.

They can withstand most everything from  thick and tough dips/cheese balls to soft and smooth spreads.  You heard me, no more loosing half that cracker to the dip gods!

The Porter style had a roasted rye taste  with a nice full-bodied crunch.

I'll post an update when I or one of my compatriots try out the Pilsner!

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