Thursday, December 6, 2012

Belgian Dark Strong

Creation: Belgian Dark Strong
Style:  Belgian Dark Strong
Masterminds: Bier Brewery
Location: Indianapolis, IN
ABV: 10 %
IBU: 20.8
SRM: 17
Availability: Special release
Drinkability:  I could have a few, but the sweetness may prevent mass consumption

"Legend... Wait for it..."

Served cold right out of the BRÄULER™

Pours with a dark glow that swirls around the glass depths of your pint.  Very minimal head that sticks around and not much fizz to speak of after the initial pour.  (Tips hat to the bartender at BIER once again on a perfect growler fill)

The nose, like most Belgians, is a sweet and fruity banana.  It has a slight caramel-bready aroma.  This only whets the pallet in anticipation for the glory that is The Belgian Dark.

It starts off with a sweet Belgian Crystal Malt and Candi sugar flavor with notes of slight spicyness. This gives way to a sweet tang finish that permeates the pallet.

It will leave your mouth with a sweet and fruity zip that sticks around for a minute.

Serve warm(er) to mellow out the sharp flavors and cozy up with the warm high octane ABV.

3.5 heads: Defiantly a crowd pleaser and would want more if available.

Post Mortum:
You ever have a growler just stick around?  I mean you have a glass or two then get interrupted by a last minute "Honey could you go to the store for me?" or "Mom, Dad!  What a pleasant surprise!  You never stop by unexpected..."

I must have had 3-4 pints when I first opened this bad boy.  I thought I was just about done.  Cut to that following weekend.

I know... why are you letting perfectly good beer sit around in your fridge when you should have drank it all...  Please! I am a beer conioussuer, not a lush!  Besides the beer-geneers over at The Zythos Project - Home of the BRÄULER™ are going to nip that proverbial problem in the bud for me upon the month of February 2013.  Thank God I hit up their FreshCap™ CO2 injection system Kickstarter project.

Ok, this gem of a beer has been sitting around in my BRÄULER™ in the fridge for the better part of a full week untouched.  Like any dutiful red blooded american male I popped that puppy open determined to finish it rather than pour it down the sink.  Two angels lose their wings if you have to sacrifice beer to the sink god in this way... not so Ho Ho Ho if you know what I mean.... 

I was pleasantly surprised to note that the beer tasted almost exactly as it had when I had first poured it a week prior.  Now this doesn't happen to beer.  You let it sit that long in I don't care what type of run of the mill growler and you will end up with flat and stale beer.  Added to this not only did I have one pint left in it... but I had another plus a half to go!  That is 2.5 pints left in the growler for those of you playing the home game.  Now I may have been a little intoxicated and lost count the first time... or my beer magically repopulated itself in my fridge.  Either way this was a "Two in the hand is better than... Wait..."  Dary!  

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