Thursday, December 27, 2012

Diesel Oil Stout

I had not tried anything from Power House Brewing in Columbus, IN, so I was pretty excited to dive into the Diesel Oil Stout at Twenty Tap. Sorry the picture is so dark, but I was in a bar, so not a ton of lights. The beer was also super dark, which didn't help.

The ABV of the Diesel Oil Stout was a whopping 6.6% with 33 IBUs.

As you can imagine with a name like Diesel Oil Stout, this is a dark heavy beer. It pours out black like its namesake with a brown head that disappears quickly. It has a chocolate and smokey smell.

The beer was not as sweet as I expected. It had chocolaty flavors, but it was more like bitter bakers chocolate then milk chocolate or semi sweet chocolate. There were some coffee undertones to it as well and the smokey flavors of the malt was also very upfront. The beer had a bitter hoppy finished that pushed past that to an aftertaste.

The beer left me with a bitter dry taste in my mouth, but it was definitely unlike anything else I have had. They took the traditional rules of a stout and changed them up. Although the changes may not be up my alley, the beer was unique and well put together. This may be better for the hop heads out there.

I give it a solid 2.5

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