Friday, December 14, 2012

Nitro Porter

Ok, so when a man meets a beer, and they decide they love each other and its time to make little manbeers they go into private and have special alone time...

That is the time I had with Nitro Porter from Flat 12 Beerwerks. My wife and I both got one along with some soft pretzels at one of my favorite places to grab something to eat . This porter had a beautiful dark coloring and a ton of head, but that was to be expected since the porter was coming off the nitro tap. A nitro beer has had nitrogen added instead of carbon dioxide. This makes for a different feel a little different flavor to the beer. I love it on anything heavier.

The aroma was sweet and bready with a hint of chocolate. When I tasted it, I started to feel guilty, like I was somehow cheating on my dinner. It had a wonderful sweetness and roasted malt flavor to it that almost made the beer taste like a chocolaty ice cream Sunday. It had hints of nuttiness and caramel. It was rich and creamy, although some of that could have been because of the nitro tap. This was an excellent porter verging on a stout. There was not much hop flavor to the beer, but it seemed well put together and balanced.

The head was even rich and creamy, and it never seamed to leave...


That was great head!

The beer took a little bit longer to come out because it was a nitro, but it was well worth the wait. Anyone with a serious sweet tooth needs to grab one of these no tap and just enjoy.

I give it a 4 1/2

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