Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Beer Gear: The BRÄULER


This is what happens when Engineers get drunk...  in a bar...  that has a brewery in the basement...

Take back your growlers! No more smashed glass growlers! No more good beer lost in transit! Light?  Never going to see my beer! AIR?!  Never going to touch my beer!

Modular, CO2 charged, my god they even have plans for TAP growlers!  Come one, come all!

Keep an eye on Kickstarter.com for their TapCap™ system.  It is as good if not better than their last Kickstarter for the FreshCap™ CO2 injection system.

They don't sell them individually... yet... BUT you can checkout their clients breweries to snag one!

If you want to support Indiana Breweries, check out Tin Man Brewing CO's online shop to snag one!  They are based out of Evansville, IN!  Show them some love as they start up their carry out Growler Fills this December!

My 2 Cents:
I have been using mine since I snagged one from the Streetcar Bistro and Taproom  earlier this year. I must say it is kinda awesome if not downright indistructable!  I stacked it up against the Hydroflask that Bier Brewery is selling out of its taproom.  I think the BRÄULER™ has the edge due to the modular accessories, deep threads for the cap to grip and seal completely,  and easy to grab'n open cap.

O-Dawg: 5 heads!

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