Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Key West Sunset Ale

It is holiday season again, and for me nothing says holidays like being with family. Since I actually grew up and got married and my brother moved away etc, family has really changed. With all the change that has happened as we grow up, our time together is the only thing that has remained consistent.
This year we went down to the Florida Keys for Thanksgiving, and I knew I had to look for something I couldn't find back home. I tried to get some time to actually go to the brewery, but with family, you do not always get what you want. I had to settle for checking out local bars and restaurants and trying to pick up what I could. Not a bad compromise if you think about it.

Key West Sunset Ale is an amber ale by Florida Beer Company and it is absolutely everywhere. I couldn't go to a bar, restaurant or grocery store without running into this beer. The ABV was 4.8%. It has a very unique flavor for an amber ale. I am used to something that is more like a UK beer. Ambers tend to be heavy and malty. This beer was sweet but very different.

It poured a light golden red color with a thin white head. It smelled sweet and citrusy with a slight floral hop aroma. 

The beer was sweet as one might expect from an amber, but it was not heavy. It was actually very light for an amber. This beer was as light as some Mexican style lager and was light fruity. There were hints of caramel and honey in the malt. The hop profile was a bit weak.

This was a light summery beer, and I do not know that I would rate it as well if it were winter in Indy, but for a summer beer or a vacation beer it hit the spot. The flavors make you think of the beach on a hot salty day. I plan on trying to find a way to get this up here for June and July because there is not another amber beer that would be better while we were sitting out on a hot day.

If you are in FL anytime soon, try this one out.

I give it a 3

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