Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Zombie Dust

Creation:  Zombie Dust
The artist formerly known as: Cenotaph
Style:  Medium Bodied Single-hop Undead IPA
Masterminds:  3 Floyd's Brewery
Location:   Munster, Indiana
ABV: 6.40%
Hops: Citra hops from Yakima Vally, Washington State USAAvailability: Road trip to Munster, Indiana for most!  Tails of shops selling 6-Packs and guest taps at bars close by.Year RoundDraft and 6-Packs
Drinkability: All Night Long!
Awards: Third at Night of the Living Ales (NOTLA) 2011
Label Artist: Tim Seeley

 ::que Tha Metal:: 
Served Cold: right out of the fridge for a Hoppy floral nose... I could huff this stuff all day!!!  Do you think they make air fresheners with this smell?
Pours with a rich orange gold color with an undead foamy head. Starts off Hoppy with a Citrus lemony grapefruit notes and finishes off with a ever so slight bitter grassy hopness with a hint of zesty lemon.
Leaves the mouth dry with a lingering ghost of grapefruit hop permeation. Well balanced hops with a slight sweet malt and worth the roadie to the Brewery in Munster, Indiana for me!
 Serve Warm(er): to enjoy more of a hops flavor that doesn't go run and hide behind that great Citris gold!  Flavor tends to mello out and not be as sharp.
 O-Dawg: *4 (one of my favorite beers)

*add another half when serving fresh off the tap

The Big Guy: Decent hopped up IPA, but nothing to write home about. I give it 2.5 heads

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