Wednesday, November 7, 2012


So I tried to get some Teddy Bear kisses and the best I could do was a sixer of their Oktoberfest. Upland is the second largest micro brewery in Indiana. Lucky for me that means that I was able to find this without a growler.

Oktoberfest has a 6.8 abv.

The beer poured a nice clear orange color. The head was white and faded away fast, leaving lacing as I drank. It had a malty bread sort of a smell. The mouth feel is very smooth and light.

Up front the beer is very sweet. It has hints of nuts and caramel mixed with a heavy bready malt flavor. There is just a little bit of bitterness at the finish of the beer, but the sweetness lingers past it with almost a nutty aftertaste.

I just got back from the Bourbon Trail in KY for my 30th birthday and they explained that you shouldn't take a sip until you can no longer taste the beverage on your tongue. Like many fest beers this one lingers with you for a while. If you wait for the flavor to completely disappear it may take you a while to finish your bottle.

All in this was a decent Oktoberfest, but not my favorite.

I give it a 2.5

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