Monday, November 12, 2012

Stiff Upper Lip

Creation: Stiff Upper Lip
Style: Brown Lager
Masterminds: Sun King Brewery
Location: Downtown Indianapolis, Indiana
ABV: 4.9%
IBU: 30
Availability: Seasonal 2012, Draft ONLY, Month of Movember
Drinkability: Great tailgating beer

"The Official Beer of Movember Indy. Stiff Upper Lip is a brown lager with a toasty malt base, just enough hops to keep it honest and a crisp lager finish."  Sun King Brewery

Served Cold: right out of The Bräuler. Pours with a light amber color with minimal head.

Very subtle carmel sweetness, cereal malt nose. It shouldn't put off any self respecting man, but don't be shocked if it isn't life changing.

Starts off with a clear crisp lager taste that has a toasty maltness to it. I would drink this over other lagers I have had.

Finishes with the usual clean crispness that the red blooded American male has come to accept with tailgating lager beers...

Leaves the mouth with a slight sweet tartness that gives way to the toasty malt characteristic noted earlier. It sticks around for almost a minute.

Serve Warm(er): On second thought, don't.

O-Dawg: 2.5

Stiff Upper Lip is an every man's beer. Not too hoppy, not too malty, crisp & clean with a taste profile any man could drink. That being said I think it is a great beer for the month of Movember!!! Please have a pint/purchase a growler and a koozie/T-Shirt to help support Sun King's Movember efforts. Cancer kills... I have had too many friends & family members affected by cancer in it's many and varied forms to not assist in finding a cure/raise awareness. Carry on Mo Bros and Mo Sistas!

The Big Guy: I like big rebuttals and I cannot lie...

OK, now this may not have been life changing but it had a great balance of sweet malty goodness, with a hint of smokeyness and a bitter hop finish. IBUs were respectable for a brown lager. Sweetness was nice. Maybe not going to completely change your life, but most beers won't, if you're normal. If you don't like this beer you are supporting cancer.

I give it a 4.

Professor Beer:

A solid brown lager, though nothing extraordinary about it.

Though I'd give them an extra point during Movember.

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