Thursday, November 8, 2012

Total Disorder Porter

The Ram's Total Disorder Porter is an American Porter with 5.10% ABV.  Its bitterness is 28 IBU, and the color is 80 SRM.

The Total Disorder Porter is very dark brown.  It has a very light brown head, which settles fairly quickly with light lacing.  There is a coffee flavor to the aroma.  The taste has roasted malt and hints of chocolate, but is dominated by coffee, with a dry finish.  This is a medium bodied beer, and is reasonably high in carbonation (though, for some reason, after sitting in an almost empty growler for several days, the last glass had lost quite a bit of carbonation).

Fairly mild for a porter, except for the strong coffee flavor, the Total Disorder Porter goes down easily.  The ABVs aren't too high for a porter, which, along with it's mildness, make it easy to drink quite a few of these in a night.  This is probably my favorite of the Ram's normal lineup.

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