Monday, November 19, 2012


"Pritty Damn Good" PDG IPA
"Damn Fuck'in Good" DFG IPA

American Imperial IPA
American Double Imperial IPA

Masterminds: Bier Brewery
Location: Indianapolis,IN

ABV:  6%
IBU:  45
SRM: 7.6

DFG <to be updated>
ABV:  9.2% ?
IBU:  --
SRM: --

So this large man in a tight suit walks into a chateaux...

Hops:  Heavily dosed with American Hop varieties

Drinkability: "But these speakers go all the way to eleven...!"

Awards:  Someone please correct me... seriously... either of these haven't received an award yet?!

Serve cold, right out of the Bier Hydroflask (this thing has saved my beer more than once!) for a hoppy floral nose that just screams "I'm tha Jugga-naught BITCH!" with hints of citrus fruits and pine that just overwhelm the senses!

Pours a dark gold which swirls with pimp cane delight with a frothy head.  You better watch yourself when transporting it in the Hydroflask, Growler or Bullet!  This stuff is effervescence/carbonation on steroids!  My bullet distended and warped, my growler almost shattered, my Hydroflask could barely contain the AWSOMENESS!  It must be the metal plating... NO CHARLES YOU CAN'T HAVE ANY! (Juggernaut reference, anyone?)

So much hop forward when drinking this.  Citrus fruit notes (like all of them) with berry and sweet toffee malt.  It's intense, yet balanced.  Friends who hate "Too much hop forward" were commenting on how much they liked the balance and almost drank my poor Hydroflask dry.  /sadpanda

Left the mouth with a bitter hop finish that just sat there like a fat kid with cake.  I would have drank this stuff all night if I had more of it...  Damn you 1 Growler Limit!  Like one of my friends likes to say about his favorite beers "It's like Angels Dancing on your Tongue!"

PDG *3.5 <- doesn't go to eleven...

DFG *4.0 heads

*add half head when serving fresh off the tap.  Yes Bier does pint nights and they are DELICIOUS!

Postmortem DFG:
First time I snagged this was for a friends graduation party. Now, now! I know what you are thinking, but this was a master's degree in business! No, seriously! The Big-Guy's wife did Penn State's MBA program full time AND work full time! I think this was the first time I saw her cut loose in 2 years!

Needless to say this beer hit the spot and was a crowd pleaser. I still can't believe I snagged it on a Friday. Bier in the past has tapped this on Saturday afternoons and nothing is left at the end of shift. If you can't snag the DFG, you can try out its little brother PDF IPA.

Postmortem PDG:
Sooo I was in the mood for some more DFG but alas it was not to be! After killing a growler of the little brother the impressions that stuck out the most:
-not as robust a flavor as DFG
No seriously, that's about it. 

If I had to pick an everyday IPA that was not a limited release (such as DFG or Full cycle IPA from Flat 12) this would be it. Friends who hate my hop head tendencies love this beer more than me due to its balance of hop/malt and absence of too bitter a finish and not to intense hop floral nose.

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