Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Deuce

Indianapolis's Sun King Brewery has gotten together with Oskar Blues from Colorado to create The Deuce. It is their second CANlaboration, and it is a limited release that you can only pick up at Sun King and select liqueur stores. The Deuce is a hopped up brown ale. The beer was made with signature ingredients from both breweries (Sun King used their pop corn from the Popcorn Pilsner).

The beer pours out a dark mahogany brown with a lacy tan head. It has a hoppy smell similar to the black IPA that Sun King has had on tap.

The Deuce has an ABV of 7% and 69 IBUs. That is a bunch of IBUs for a brown ale.

The beer has a citrus hoppy start followed by some maltyness with a hint of smokeyness in the body of it. The hops close it out with a clean finish that lingers just long enough. 

All in, the hops totally dominate this beer to the point of drowning out most of the sweetness. 

The beer is about $18 per 4 pack of pint cans. It was pricier than I would normally go for something with this sort of flavor profile, but when Sun King puts out a limited release, I have to jump on it.


I give it a 2.5

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