Friday, November 9, 2012

Judy Blue Eyes

Judy Blue Eyes was put together by Bier Brewery. I had a taste of this in their taproom. It was fantastic. I had to take some home with me for the guys.

This is an imperial brown ale. It is 21.3 IBUs and 8% abv.

Everything about this beer is bigger and better than your average brown. Imperials are standard beers that have had added malts to increase their abv. Normally the brewers then add hops to make the beer more balanced. Everything has been amped up, and micro breweries are doing it with just about every style.

I have had a few different imperials in my time but this one was great. It was as dark as night and sweet as sin with an angelic white halo of head. The head basically disappeared before I even started drinking it.

This had strong caramel and chocolate flavors with just a hint of nuttinesss. There was a smokeyness to the malts. It was subtle and well balanced so as to not overwhelm the flavor of the beer. It reminded me of  s'moore at a campfire. It had a nice clean hoppy finish that was a nice sharp bite on the tongue.

I give it a 4. Well done Bier.

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