Friday, November 16, 2012

Wee Muckle

Hip - Hip - Hooray!!! Hip - Hip Hooray!!! Hip - Hip - Hooray!!!

I am always pretty excited when I can get my hands on a few cans of Wee Muckle by Sun King Brewery. A Wee Muckle or Wee Heavy is the strongest of the Scottish Ales. This one comes in at 8.8% ABV. Since it was a can, I have had trouble finding the exact IBUs. It has a heavy caramely malty smell right when  you crack the can (as you can see, I was able to grab this in one of Sun King's pint cans. They are the perfect size to fill your favorite pint glass). You can smell the booziness of the alcohol as you are pouring it into your glass.

It poured out a milk chocolaty brown with about a half inch of tan head floating on top.

The beer has a very complex flavor. Right from the start you get hints of chocolate but they fade away as the more complex flavors of caramel, vanilla and dried fruits. Not surprising with such a hgih ABV you could also taste the alcohol in this, which is not something we expect from our average over the counter beer. The beer is very sweet and very heavy. I have a feeling finishing the entire four pack would fill you up and start getting you tipsy. The beer is not quite as heavy as a syrup or liquor in your mouth, but maybe as thick as a port wine.

This is an amazing beer for fall time. The beer is hearty and comforting. The added alcohol value warms your whole body from your stomach out to your arms. It is full of flavors that remind you of the harvest and settling down for a long cold winter. It is a touch sweet, but other than that it is very well balanced Wee Heavy.

 I am saving a can for the first real snow, because nothing would be better than sitting in front of a fire with a can of this watching the snow fall.

I give it a 5

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