Friday, July 12, 2013

Sun King 4th Anniversary Limited Releases

The Releases were:

Port Barrel Aged Wee Mac with Cherries:The Big Guy: This thing was almost a sour beer. It was soooo freaking good. This was also the most limited of the releases. We were probably the first 20 people on our side of the bar to get some, and we weren't able to get a glass for everyone. The cherries gave it a beautiful sweet and sour fruit flavor, that sat really well on the bready backdrop of the Wee Mac. The port barrel aging helped smooth it all out and really made it outstandingly well balanced. It is a Five Heads!!!

Batch 777: Touched by an Angel:
O-Dawg:  A Belgian Tripel that weighs in at 10% ABV.  Fantastic sweet banana notes.  Fizzy sweet body with a little boosey heat.  Finishes dry with a tart pucker.  Others noted that when it warmed up their respective ratings began to fall off, I did not taste this happening to my beer.  Must have been their cups?  Great limited release.  An astonished five heads.   

Afternoon Delight:
The Big Guy: Afternoon Delight was a Dunkle Bock, meaning dark bock beer. It was an excellent robustly dark German style lager.It had nice dark roasty notes with some serious sweetness. There was a great combination of coffee and toffee and a little bit of oak. This was a great limited release and I give it a solid four heads!

Batch 333: Velvet Fog: See our review

Jungle Room: See our review

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