Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Devil Dancer

Ohhh, Founders, how I love thee! As someone who has never considered myself a hophead, I've been very happy with the well balanced and exciting IPAs that Founder's Brewing has been bringing to the market. Doom, a barrel aged DIPA, was one of my favorite beers of this year, and Devil Dancer did not disappoint. If you didn't already know, Devil Dancer is a triple IPA coming in at 12% abv. It's actually stronger than a lot of wine out there and that is pretty impressive.

Devil Dancer pours out an awesome reddish color. It has just a slight mound of white head floating on the top. The aroma is a strong hoppy smell, with a bit of maltiness behind it. I was expecting a blast of something boozy, but it was masked well by everything else.

The flavor was incredibly well balanced because all of the individual components were turned up to eleven. The hops were a huge smack in the face on the front of the brew with lots of pine and citrus fruits. It was followed by a seriously sweet malt that helped cut the bitterness nicely and mellow it all out a bit. Then there is a super bitter finish in the far back reaches of your throat that masks the expected boozy heat. I'm not saying that you can't taste the alcohol, because you can, but it is well put together in a way that isn't offensive and really that's what I'm looking for. Everything is balanced, but the hops still shine like they should in a good IPA. Even with this beer being so much more intense then any other IPA I've had, it still tastes like an IPA.

This was a great beer. I am glad I was able to grab a couple so I can save one and see how it ages... yes I know I just wrote an article telling everyone you aren't supposed to age IPAs but this one is 12% abv so I am going to give it a try. I give it a solid 4.

My Hippy Beer Guy took one look at me this past Friday when I came strolling in and sprinted to the back of the store bellowing something about Tonka Trucks.  At first I thought he was having flashbacks to his childhood.  Maybe there was something in that beer I gave him last time that I didn't know about.  I didn't piece it together until I saw what he had in his hands upon returning.  In one hand a bomber of RuinTen and in the other two bottles of Devil Dancer.  For this reason alone I encourage everyone to get out of your proverbial shells and get to know your beer guy/girls.

My Hippy Beer Guy knows me and what I like (damn him!).  On one hand it helps him sell beer, seriously I don't think I can ever get out of his store without buying something...  On the other it helps you as a #craftbeergeek to get more information and helps you to refine your pallet based on his/her suggestions/information.

Back on point: Devil Dancer is a complex malt/hop bomb with mischievously high ABV.  When I have one it makes me think of an IPA that is one step away from a barley wine.  You have to go into it knowing and anticipating the ABV's.  Unless you are like The Professor, the balance of hop/malt and the boozy heat is so well done you will be on your ass before you realize too late that it is 12%. Hats off.  Well done!  Here's a Badge!

Did I forget to mention I am a Hop-Head?

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