Friday, July 5, 2013

The Brewmance

Have you ever met someone in a liquor store or bar and just really hit it off? You realized right then and there that you had so much in common, like a love of hops, enjoyment of vinegary sours and a true respect for some weird craft brew styles. That's right everyone, I am talking about a brewmance.

Brewmance is that special thing that happens when a person loves the beer that you also love and you are instantly connected forever. Whether you are in line for a limited release at a brewery or the toilets at a festival, it can happen anywhere and when it does, it changes your world. You discuss beer, you drink beer. Maybe you even exchange numbers and consummate the relationship with a trade from two different beer regions.

My fellow beer geeks, this is a special thing and you should not be ashamed of it. Giving your number to strange men with beards, tattoos and piercings is only weird if it is for sexual favors or to hire a hit. Everyone, embrace the BREWMANCE!


  1. Interesting, but lemme ask this - what if someone is interested in a beer you've tried but isn't close enough for a "Brewmance." Like, say I wanted to try a Terra Incognita (which I realize from Untappd you didn't really care for) - would you be up for a trade? I went through your Wish List and only saw one beer I can easily get my hands on - Local 1 by Brooklyn (and Local 2 and Sorachi Ace) but I can't imagine those are hard for you to find... Still, perhaps I could offer a few brews - even some homebrews - as a trade?
    I can't figure out how to email you, so feel free to contact me at jsknapp1 at yahoo.

  2. Don't worry, I believe in long distance brewmance. I will get an email out to you after work. I haven't done much with the wish list since my first month or so on Untappd. Never saw the point, kinda do now. lol

    I will hit you up later today.