Thursday, July 4, 2013

Celebrating Our Independence

Happy Independence Day! 
To me, the fourth of July is about more than fireworks and burgers on the grill with friends. Not that those things aren't fun or aren't a great way to celebrate, but it's easy to forget the source of the celebration when you're running from one pool party to the next and trying to get your potato salad done on time. So today, I challenge all of us to remember what it is that we're celebrating: Freedom.
It's easy to take it for granted, because we're all so used to having it. It's easy to forget all the sacrifices that were made to achieve something that we just expect to be there. It's not just about the bravery of a group of leaders and the changes that were made 237 years ago. It's about all the people today across the globe who are praying for what we have at our finger tips.
Clearly, I'm a patriotic person. I'm not saying that America is perfect, I think we can all agree that there's plenty of room for improvement. Even with all our flaws, I think we're all pretty lucky to be here, and to have freedom to celebrate.

So take a moment between all the games and the food, and of course the awesome craft beer that I know you'll be having and be grateful. Give yourself one moment to forget the stress at work, the family obligations, the mountain of housework, and all the little projects waiting to be tackled this weekend. Give yourself a chance to appreciate all that you have, and all that we have.

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