Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Indiana Microbrewers Festival 2013: This One's for the Girls

I know what you're thinking, girls go to beer festivals? Yes, yes we do. We even have just as much fun as the boys. Having said that, there are some things that I think we should keep in mind, just to make the overall festival experience easier so we can focus on what's really important- good friends and good beer. Here are five things to keep in mind when planning to attend a beer festival that are mostly for the girls.

1. Wear comfortable, cute shoes. A lot of these events are going to have an outdoor component, which means uneven ground, possibly even gravel or stones. Take advantage of all the fun and stylish flat shoes out there for summer, the options are great. As cute as you are in those 3-inch wedges, it's not worth twisting an ankle. Although, I have seen heels and wedges result in hanging on to a date for stability, for almost the entire event. Not the worst result, as long as you like your date as much as I do. Which is a lot.

2. Carry a purse that keeps your hands free, can get wet, and can hold swag. You're going to be holding a tasting glass the whole time. It's difficult to juggle that glass and a purse without spilling something. Make sure whatever purse you have (or wristlet, or back pack) will stay in place, comfortably, without you having to readjust every five minutes. Also keep in mind that beer spills might happen. You might bump into someone, or they might bump into you, and a little bit of beer will fall out of someone's glass. Your bag should be easy to clean, just in case. Assuming you're interested in all the stickers and coasters, or maybe even a t-shirt, you're going to need a place to put things. Or maybe someone that you're with is interested in collecting those things, and at some point in the event his cargo shorts are going to run out of available pocket space. It's happened.

3. Try different things. It's all about the experience right? Most of the brewers will come with something new for the festival. It might be a brand new brew, or it might be a twist on a favorite. Either way, there's going to be something fun and different. The same goes for breweries you don't know. Check out what they're offering and try something in a style you know you like. You might find a new favorite, or at least another brewery to look for at events.

4. Bring your girlfriends, or make new ones. You can leave the boys at home, or at least let them take their own car. It's a different and unique way to spend a girls' day out. Even if your friends aren't totally interested in the beer side of things, there are groups out there that you can look for at these events. One that I look for is Girls Pint Out. (I'll do a more detailed post about this group soon, after I go to one of their upcoming events.) The point is to have fun and enjoy yourself, and to have people you can do that with.

5. Enjoy the fact that there's a line for the men's room, but not for the ladies. This never happens. Ever. Except for this type of event. It's OK to giggle at the guys squirming because they're stuck in a line, after all we know how they feel.

So all in, it's pretty easy to be a girl at a beer festival or other tasting event. You can even ignore all those tips and still have fun. I'll look for you at the next one!

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