Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Velvet Fog, Batch 333

Creation: "The Velvet Fog"
AKA: Batch 333

Style: Belgian Quadruple
Masterminds: Sun King Brewing
Location: Indianapolis, IN
ABV: 9%
IBU: 24
Availability: Limited Release
Drinkability: Almost a desert beer to be served after a meal.  I could have two, but would be sipping them all night.


"A large malt forward beer with a complex fruity aroma and flavor. Hints of caramelized brown sugar and dried cherries delight the senses before a slight alcohol warming on the finish."  Sun King Brewery

Served cold, right off the Sun King Truck.  Yes, I was the guy that showed up at the liqueur store right as the Sun King Truck pulled up Monday after my first day of my new job...  A brief car ride home and popped it in the luxury of my own home.  I think it would be creepy if I bought it and started drinking in front of the store...  Like I said beer connoisseur, not alcoholic lush!

Pours with a dark nearly brown in color body with ruby, crimson edges.  Minimal head that quickly dissipates. Sound reminds me of that first bowl of Rice Crispies as a kid on Saturday mornings.  All snap, crackle, and pop!

Sweet malt cherry nose with a boozy bourbon character.  Notes of brown sugar, molasses, wood, and  dark fruits with light carbonation throughout.  Other tasters noted vanilla as well but I didn't really taste/smell it.

Finishes with a boosey bourbon taste.  The sugar leaves the mouth with a coat of sweet tart cherry thickness that puckers the mouth slightly then dries out the mouth.  Similar to a white wine finish in that respect.

Serve Warm(er) if you want the bourbon boosieness to be more pronounced.

O-Dawg:  4 heads

I started a new job today..  It just so happens "The Velvet Fog" graced the beer community of Indiana with its presence as well.  Random Happenstance?  I think NOT!

I have been looking forward to this beer ever since  I heard about it a few months ago.  I am a self proclaimed Hopp-Head, Lambic/Sour, and Belgian guy and knew I should put this on the "to drink" list.  It didn't disappoint.

After my rousing first day at my new job, first day paperwork and all, coming home to this was like coming home to a home cooked meal by my lovely wife.  Just a slice of heaven!  Or warm apple pie... ;-)

The Big Guy: This was a damn good release. When I hear that a brew has this much of an abv, I worry that all you are going to get is alcohol flavor. This was a smooth beer, velvety smooth... pun intended. It was sweet and malty with a great blend of flavors. Brown sugar and toffee dance across your tongue with subtle fruit flavors. I give it a 5

Professor Beer: Velvet Fog has strong dark fruit and bourbon flavors.  Also has a warming at the end.  Very smooth (The Big Guy beat me to the "velvety smooth" line, but it's definitely appropriate) and very complex, but balanced.  This is definitely a beer I could drink a lot more of, if it wasn't so expensive and limited.

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