Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Scene: "Dude... Where's my Lambic?" Upland Lambic Spring Cleaning

This past Saturday was a bit of fun brought to you by your local Upland Beer Brewery and Tap house.  They not only found their car, but also found a few cases of their precious limited release Lambics in the trunk!

 Raspberry, Blackberry and Gilgamesh were the assortment of flavors up for grabs Saturday at noon.  Granted we got there at 11am and almost didn't end up with anything for our troubles.  Tickets were given out and rules stated plainly in the twitter feeds, blog posts, facebook, and once you received your ticket to ride.

Hi-jinks were had.  Brews were enjoyed.  Random conversations about Hopquila, HopHead Vodka and ReThinker Mead where discussed.  Yes... they are a real thing! Ticket 39 I hope to bump into you again to snag your recipe on how to really enjoy the HopHead Vodka with your favorite IPA.

Ticket number 43 got me one Raspberry Lambic.  If i had shown up at the crack of dawn with the crew in tow I could have also snagged a Gilgamesh or a Blackberry to go with it (shakes fist at ticket holder 32).  Rules is rules.

What are some of your favorite Lambics/Sours?  Are you going to show up at this year's Sour Wild Funk Fest?

Links to Last Years Sour Wild Funk Fest:

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