Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Can't Dutch This... well actually you can.

An ode to Thr3e Wise Men's Can't Dutch This Belgian Style Belgian Strong Ale. On a stout, whether dry or otherwise I enjoy the head, the foam, flavor of it all. On a Belgian, I think it's the equivalent of meringue on a coconut creme pie; an absolute waste. On this particular beer it is a barrier one must suffer through to arrive in paradise. While the effort may be worth it, I just wish there was another route or at least a better pour. As I've less than subtly hinted at the the newest seasonal from Scott Wise's crew at Thr3e Wise Men's brewing in Broad Ripple is absolutely delicious. The start is smooth and even a bit sweet then transitions into the classic and spicy notes of a traditional Belgian and finishes with a champagne crispness that is surprising as it is delicious. I say all of this without being much of a Belgian fan. There's a particular brew just down the road from here that has some mighty fine Belgians and in a blind taste test I might confuse this brew as one of theirs; a compliment to both establishments.

Ok, now the facts: ABV: 8.1%, IBU: 20. It's golden and is a bit clearer than a lot of similar brews in this category.

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