Friday, February 15, 2013

The Scene: Black Swan

I spend a ton of time in Plainfield for my job. I started off just eating at this place and the food is great. It took me an embarrassingly long time to get them on my monthly tasting rounds.

They have a great location just off of I-70. The atmosphere is a nice combination of rustic style and modern clean lines. The whole thing is well put together and reminds me more of a restaurant than a pub or tavern. Their bar is warm and inviting with half a dozen seats and a handful of small tables near by. It is made out of beautiful dark woods with all the taps lining the back wall along with the classic brewery chalk board. I am pretty sure that without the chalk board no brewery could function. The beer is obviously their passion but the food seems to be what brings in the patrons. The restaurant is by far the larger part of the building.

Black Swan serves up some great food. I've been having lunch there for a while and I have not had anything that disappointed me. Their food is high end rustic Midwest cuisine. There are a lot of Indiana classics that are done with bit of flare.  One of the dishes that they are best known for is their Signature Reuben sandwich and it is outstanding. The corned beef is nice and tender. It is hunks like you get from a pot roast instead of your normal sandwich slices. The kraut is great and they use just enough bread to keep it all in place without ruining the flavor. 

Another one of my favorite things is their french fries. When you order, you have to choose a seasoning for them to be tossed in and a sauce to dip in. The flavor combinations are great. I love the salt and vinegar toss.

This place is an excellent place for lunch, but that is just half of it. They also do some pretty good brews. I have had a few of their standard beers and a few of their sours. This brewery does a good job of taking some risks and playing it safe. Their anniversary beers were some of the best local brews I have found. 

Check them out for lunch or dinner.

I give their food a 4

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