Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stack N Stabb

I've been on a solid Three Floyds kick lately. Stack N Stabb is their Belgian Strong Ale, but it reminded me more of a Belgian IPA. It was clear and golden with just a little bit of head forming on the top. It laced well and hung for a respectable amount of time.

It had a citrus aroma with sweet dried fruits and a little funky Belgian yeasts.

It had a nice Belgian yeast banana flavor with a very light sweetness. It had a complimentary spiciness to it with cloves and a bit of a peppery finish. There was a nice bready ale flavor. Like all things done by FFF, they hit it with a strong punch of hops that was good for this brew. It had a good mix of earthiness and pine. Stack N Stabb had a crisp dry finish with a bit of bitter astringency that I didn't love. The body of the beer was not strong enough to balance out the bitter finish for me. This really wasn't a bad beer, but I do like Belgian Strong Ales and this one just didn't do it for me.


The beer did get better as it warmed up. Everything blended together better the longer I was drinking it, but I hate to wait and it just wasn't something that I would get pumped up about.

I hate to do it to the guys up and FFF but I give it a 2.5.

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