Monday, September 24, 2012

GFJ [Grapefruit Jungle] 2012

Creation:  GFJ [Grapefruit Jungle] -2012-
Style:  American IPA
Location:  Indianapolis, IN
ABV:  7.5%
IBU:  77
Hops:  "With one pound of hops in every keg it's a hop lover's dream! It's named for the rich grapefruit characteristics of the three hops used to create it."  I am guessing Citra with 2 others....

Pours with an amber gold, medium head and some lacing.  

Crazy hop nose!  Notes of grapefruit and lemongrass.

At first,  a good balance of malt and hops which quickly gets eclipsed by a freight train of bitter hop finish with a pleasantly surprising acidic grapefruit taste that permeates your pallet.  Strong grapefruit, lemon, citrus note finish.  
This will ruin your pallet PERIOD.  The finish coats your mouth with a similar acidity of a real grapefruit and permeation of hops that will stick around for way more than just a few minutes.

Watch out for eating salty/peppery  foods like the steak fries.  The amount of salt and/or pepper will alter the taste of GFJ to a more bitter and acidic taste pallet.  Great for some like me who huff hops and use it to brush their teeth, bad for those who don't appreciate... and of you don't appreciate then please don't order this beer.  You'll only suck up the limited reserves that should be consumed by "true believers"! 

Serve warmer: to have more pine notes present with a more resiny finish.

If you are interested in the Big Brother version (DIPA), check out our post on Jungle Room!

4.5 heads

The Big Guy:
Now this is where I explain that O-Dawg obviously does not know what he is talking about...

I did think it was a good IPA, but you are off your ass with some of what you said.

There is no balance of malts. This is about as balanced as me on a teeter totter with a nine year old girl. The hops is super up front, and middle is citrusy with a heavy splash of hops and it finishes with a hop flavor mixed with bitter lemon rind... not a ton of balance in my book.

Citrus, yes. Lemon sure. Hops, totally. This beer was decent, but it was way too hard to get for an ok summer IPA. I give it a 3.

Professor Beer:
The first sip had a just a little citrus flavor to it, with a hoppy bitter aftertaste.  After the first taste, however, any other flavors were obscured by the extreme bitterness.  I have to agree with The Big Guy that there was no discernable balance here.  I don't have much of a sense of smell, but I imagine the strong citrus aroma I've heard about would improve this beer, though I can't see it making too much of a difference.  Overall, not a beer I will be likely to drink again.

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