Thursday, September 20, 2012


So its the end of September, guess what that means? Time for Oktoberfest. Weird how Oktoberfest isn't in October. There are tons of awesome events that go along with this most sacred of German beer related holidays.

Oktoberfest started as a Bavarian Holiday, starting in the end of September and running into the beginning of October. Back in the day, Oktoberfest Beers were brewed at the end of the previous season, and then aged until the holiday, which was basically the kickoff of the German brewing season.

I drove down to Sun King and decided to start off trying their Oktoberfest. It was a solid Oktoberfest. It started off sweet and very malt forward. It started off a bit lighter in color than I was expecting, but still a nice golden brown. It had just a little bit of head that left a soft lace around the top of the glass. It had a nice malty aroma and flavor. It had mild caramel flavors with just a little bit of nuttiness. There was nothing wrong with this beer, but all around the flavors were a touch muted. It was a solid drink, but not my favorite.

I give it a 3

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