Thursday, September 27, 2012

Killer Whale

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By this time O Dog was not in the greatest shape, so I offered to get this put up after he did 6 Row Brewery.

ABV is 9% IBU's 62.8

On the right we have the Whale. On the left we have the Killer Whale. In the center we have a really creepy Prof. Beer. 

We had had a beer or two at this point, not sure that it makes it any better.

The Whale is a mash up of ten different beer grains. 6 Row actually discovered this brew by accident. It is highly acclaimed and has become one of their flag ships. I did not love it. It had a weirdly complex yet flavorless flavor to me, but life is too short to spend it dwelling on things we did not love, so lets move on to the Killer Whale.

The Killer Whale is a jacked up version of their Whale. It has been turned into Barley Wine. This was great. It came out with a deep red color and had just a hint of head, that dissipated quickly. It had a fruity smell with some floral hops mixed in for good measure.

The taste reminded me of a Belgian or German beer. It had a nice fruity flavor, strong an yeasty with a nice hoppy bite. Tons of sweet malt and boozy flavor that you get in a barley wine, white just a bit of spice. The jacked up flavor helps give the Killer Whale a bit more guts than its predecessor the Whale. 

I give the Killer Whale a 4
Sadly I give the Whale a 2.5

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