Wednesday, September 12, 2012


This was a nice treat from Bier Brewery. I had never had a Roggenbier, so it was fun to try something different. I like most dark German beers, so I had high hopes. I grabbed a growler and headed home.

When I got there, I poured my first pint. it came out with a hardy brown color. The head was almost non existent (similar to high-school for the Prof... ohh burn). After my first beer, my wife poured and it looked a little bit different.

So maybe I shouldn't get to specific on what the head looked like on this beer... And maybe she shouldn't be allowed to pour anything else. (Love you!)

When you brought it to your nose, there was a temptingly strong aroma of fruit and banana. As I drank, the sweet malty flavor came out strong. It had a hint of smokeyness and a strong fruit (primarily banana) flavor due to the Belgian yeasts. You could barely taste hops (there may be a trend starting with my good reviews). These flavors combined to something delightfully complex. I would recomend this any time of the year. Excellent beer.

On a side note, I drank it out of a pint glass. In retrospect it should have been served in a tulip or snifter to better concentrate the aromas etc, but at home I mostly drink out of pints because they are closest to the fridge... probably not a great excuse.

I give it a 4.5

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