Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Columbus Brew Co. IPA

Well now... this was not one of my favorites.

I thought on a nice summer day in Columbus an IPA would hit the spot.Thank God the food at the Therman Cafe was great, because the IPA by Columbus Brew Co. Was not (check out the Therman burger, it was outstanding).

The beer came out like any good beer should, cold glass, just a little bit of head and a nice light color. On further inspection, it was lighter than I like my IPAs.

The hop flavor in the beginning was bitter and a bit off putting. I would have been happy if I had brewed it in my garage, but this came from a professional shop it was not impressive. It was very floral, with a slight lemon/citrus flavor. There was next to no malt or sweetness. In general it was all one note.

I give it a 1.5.

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