Thursday, September 6, 2012

2012 Dark Lord Russian Style Imperial Stout

Sixty dollars a bottle sounds nuts!

So who is willing to pay more for a bottle of beer than many of your friends are willing to pay for wine (granted my friends are not the best wine people ever)... THIS GUY.

I was not fortunate enough to get a ticket to the glory that is Darklord Day, so like many of you I was forced to dream. Then I remembered that Al Gore invented this little thing called the Internet. I hit up ebay and started searching for "collectible bottle". The Internet doesn't want you buying booze on ebay. I bought the collectable bottle and low and behold there was collectible beer in it.

It was fantastic.

The Russian Imperial Stout was excellent. It poured out dark and heavy. The aroma was sweet and bold with just hints of dark dried fruits. It had the most amazing dark malty flavors. It was sweet and chocolaty with a slight hint of coffee and caramel. Words are not enough. The thick flavors coated my mouth and allowed me to enjoy this beer long after I had swallowed. There was a bit of tart dried cherry flavor, but not enough to overwhelm the sugary malt.

Now the question is was it worth 60 dollars per bottle?

Hell yeah!

Next time you think about hitting your favorite bar and buying your lady a martini, don't! Go to the net and buy a collectable bottle. Tell your boys they should be jeleous as hell, and pour this ice cold beer all for yourself.

There's no way this could be anything less than a 5.

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