Friday, August 2, 2013


It's been a long time coming since our Resin post...

3Beans by Sixpoint Brewing out of Brooklyn, NY is a Baltic Porter on a rotational release schedule from Sixpoint's canning line.

What does rotational mean exactly?  It's kinda like seasonal but you may see it multiple times in a year for limited periods.

For that matter what is a Baltic Porter?  Baltic Porters are >7% ABV porters.  Baltic porters were brewed strong in the late 1700's to be shipped across the North Sea, hence the name.

After pouring out this dark brown brew the nose assaults you immediately.  Light coffee and hop aromas with a subtle malty sweetness.  There were notes of fresh green wood. Strange I know.

The body is medium to heavy.  Sweet coffee/malty goodness hit the palette with notes of chocolate.
It finishes with coffee acidic dryness that sits on the back and sides of the palette.  I honestly felt like tossing in some coffee grounds for good measure!  The overall beer presentation is delightful!  After the first sip it makes me think of a nice creamy latte with two shots of espresso meets a dry stout.

I should clarify for everyone involved that this is 10% ABV.  Do not go off half-cocked and think you should have two of these in a row in a short amount of time.  3Beans ABVs are like cowboy coffee's caffeine.  If you are not anticipating the ABV's it will sneak up and put the beer goggles on you faster than you can say "Hey watch this!"

Great combination from the Mad Scientists over at Sixpoint Brewing!  An enthusiastic 4.5!

The Big Guy: Beans, beans the magical fruit... you know where I'm going here. 3Beans proved that beans may in fact be a  magical fruit. You've probably heard of coffee porters, and coco porters, with 3 beans they added one more bean. Sixpoint added Romano beans, which have historically been substituted for some of the heavier grains by brewers in the Northern parts of Europe when they had poor grain harvests. They were found to also to increase fermentation and add additional body to the beer. It takes balls to add additional body to a beer this big. The beer itself was thick and rich. It poured out like motor oil. The Romano beans really did their part.

It was really cool that Sixpoint was willing to do something a little bit crazy and go old school with their ingredients. If you like a cocoa porter, or a coffee porter, or even just a big rich beer, you should definitively give this one a try. I give it a solid four.

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