Thursday, August 22, 2013

Stone Farking Wheaton w00tstout

So this Brewer, geek culture icon, and an alternative news website creator meet at a party.  The resulting brewing masterpiece that is formed from "their powers combined" is affectionately called w00tstout.

Greg Koch, Wil Wheaton and Drew Curtis masterminded this Imperial Stout.  Brewed with rye, wheat, malt, pecans, then aged in Bourbon barrels for 3 months.  W00tstout clocks in at a hefty 13% ABV and 65 IBUs.

The Big Guy and I snagged a few bottles of w00tstout at our local Brew-Pub Union Brewing Company when it first hit shelves.  Cameron has recently started to bring in cases of rare bombers from national breweries as a nod to beer geeks and as a subtle "while your waiting let me get you a taste of what cask beer tastes like!"  It is a nice compliment to his fantastic line up of beers!  Attract the Beer Geeks with the rare beers, then get them hooked on cask beer...  SNEAKY but very effective!

Tasting Notes:  The nose has a subtle pecan with minimal head formation.  After the first sip your pallet will be graced with a... how would Mr. Torgue put it "A FLAVOR EXPLOSION!!!"  Roasty carmel, with notes of cocoa, vanilla, oak, and a grainy pecan husk that is both deceptively fizzy and sweet.  The motor oil appearance makes you think that it would be a medium to thick bodied stout, but after the first sip you find it pleasantly light to medium.  The dry finish is a combination of sweet and nutty.

I would suggest snagging a bottle to have now and another to cellar for six months to a year.  Really solid collaboration beer!  Good luck in finding two of the three bottle designs! From what I have seen at retailers, there were 1-2 comic strip/super hero bottles per case.  The rest were the entwining hops logo.

It would have been awesome to get a bottle signed by Wil when he was in town for GenCon, but it just wasn't in the cards (and by cards I mean any number of magic related card games that were played during GenCon).


The Big Guy: I am all about this beer. It has tons of wacky flavors that I normally wouldn't think of putting together especially in a beer. I picked up three for myself. One for now and two to get some nice age on them. Cudos to Wil Wheaton and everyone else who was a part of this. I give it a 4.5

The Little Lady: When I checked this in to Untappd, I added the following comment: "I love everything that just happened here." Which is true. Imperial stout? Love it. Sweet pecan flavor? Love it. Bourbon barrel aging? Love, love, love it. I think the combination of flavors, which I of course read as the combination of influences of the makers, was fantastic. Really smooth, well balanced, and very drinkable. I gave it a 5- very rare for me. I have to be blown away to give that rating, and I was. Well done! 

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