Monday, August 5, 2013

Urine Trouble

There was a lot to live up to since this beer has the GREATEST NAME EVER! I about fell over laughing when I first found out that Three Floyds and Surly had come together to create a beer called Urine Trouble. I made a special trip up to the Three Floyds brewery to get a few of these bad boys.

Urine Trouble is a Double IPA with bret added to the mix. It pours out a beautiful straw golden color with a nice sized white head. The lacing was huge all the way down the glass and lasted the entire beer. Three Floyds said this brew smelled like "Cat peed on the Christmas tree". I'm a dog guy, so I don't know what cat pee smells like, but if this is it, cat pee doesn't smell so bad. Urine Trouble smells like fruity bret with some awesome pine and pineapple notes.

It even tastes better than it smells! It has great pineapple flavors with some awesome funk on the side. The funk is well mixed in with the existing DIPA flavor. The hops compliment the flavor with some serious pine bitterness. It does not forget that it's an IPA. It finishes up with a nice bit of boozy heat at 9% abv to lock everything together.

Between the bret and the high abv this is a perfect candidate for aging. The hops will die down a little bit but all the other flavors should meld well and really transform the beer. I have two more bottles of this that I plan on popping in six months and then sometime after that.

My hat is off to Three Floyds and Surly. This was a bold and innovative brew. Intense flavors dance up and down the glass in a crazy mix you aren't going to find anywhere else. I couldn't ask for more from a limited release beer.

I give it a solid four.

The Little Lady: I'm all for a good road trip, especially one that results in drinking good beer (responsibly of course since there's driving involved) and bringing some home. In these situations, Three Floyds has yet to  disappoint. I admit I was a bit hesitant when it came to trying this beer. The Big Guy and I had opposite reactions to the name and the holiday-cat-pee comments. I'm skeptical in general so this is no big surprise. What was surprising was how much I liked this beer. I tend to prefer Imperial/DIPAs to regular IPAs as I feel like there's a better balance of the hops with the rest of the flavors, especially with the stronger malt characteristics. True to the style, yes I'm looking at official guidelines, there was a beautiful amber color in the glass and a very smooth mouthfeel. It was clean and crisp without being harsh or biting. All in, a great beer!

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