Wednesday, April 10, 2013


El Duque: Resin is hop candy.  It fulfills all my hop sweet tooth cravings.  It's a brew that embodies what I love about a good DIPA.  Resin enhances the hop flavor profiles with a surprisingly yeasty body.  It keeps the beer light and refreshing and seems apropos that it comes in an energy drink can.  It is suprisingly quaffable and would totally kill a four pack after mowing the lawn if it didn't put your dick in the dirt faster than two shakes of a lamb's tail.
I give it a 4.5

O-Dawg: Sixpoint Brewery was founded in 2004.  I had not heard of them until recently through word of mouth and Untappd.  Strange I know...  because their beer is kind of awesome!  I had the chance to snag a Resin off of a 4 pack I hunted down at one of the larger beer distributors in the area.  Hoppy, citrus, a head that lingers for more than your average beer.  This had everything and more up my ally. A fantastic, heartfelt plea of a 4!

The Big Guy: It was like this stuff didn't exist, and then it was freaking everywhere. This has become a super tasty treat that is actually pretty easy to find. The cans come in boxed up four packs with some pretty cool side art. The beer was sweet and citrusy with a great hit of hops that didn't overpower the total beer flavor. The beer is 9.1% abv with 103 IBUs (they say you can't taste anything over 100 but because of the aroma it doesn't stop brewers from going for it) Solid Imperial IPA. I give it a 3.5

*No one got a picture of the beer so we sorced it from:

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